Cypress Creek Knives was founded by Jared Beavers in 2017 and all CCK knives are hand-crafted in Jared’s one-man shop in Collinsville, Illinois. Jared’s goal is to make beautiful hand-crafted knives that excel in performance but are also treasured possessions to be passed down from generation to generation.

Jared draws design inspiration from his hobbies such fishing, hunting and bushcraft and from the outdoors including his travels throughout the country. He greatly admires Andy Roy of FIddleback Forge and Chris Reeve of Chris Reeve Knives.


 At the young age of four (much to his Mom’s dismay), his Grandpa gave him his first knife, a little Swiss Army Knife with toothpick included. It was hardly sharp enough to cut butter, but he was thrilled with it. This is the knife that started his knife passion. As Jared grew older, the quality of the knives he acquired increased. First it was Case and Buck, then Benchmade and finally Chris Reeve Knives and Fiddleback Forge.



Jared’s three biggest passions in life are the outdoors, travel, and knives. As a kid, it was nearly impossible to keep him indoors; rain or shine, you could find him tromping through the woods looking for the best walking stick or the most impressive rock. During summers, his family would travel around the country visiting National Parks. Hiking, fishing, and camping-these activities filled his time.



In 2014, with very crude equipment (a 4×36 belt sander and hand tools), he began designing and making his own very primitive knives.  As he began to hone his skills and gain more knowledge, he started to acquire the necessary equipment to create knives of a much better quality. Today all CCK knives are hand-crafted by Jared and his focus is to make each one better than the previous one.

  • The knife hasn’t left my pocket since the day I got it! I’ve been using it everywhere and for everything. I actually love to use it as a pairing knife in the kitchen now also. It’s developing a nice patina and I’m incredibly happy with it.

    Chris V.
  • Outstanding work man! I got the knives in the mail today and I am blown away.

    Houston B.
  • It takes a special craftsman to make a skeletonized knife work well. Jared does indeed knock it outta the park!

    Mike H.
  • I just want to say what an excellent EDC fixed blade the Backpacker is! In its Keyes sheath, it literally disappears behind my wallet. It is unobtrusive and always readily available. Great design Jared.

    Cole I.
  • I am so very happy with the blade and working with you to get it made. It is exactly as I requested and the craftsmanship is top notch. Thanks again.

    John C.
  • I recently purchased the Backpacker Damasteel from Cypress Creek Knives and could not be happier with the purchase. The attention to detail that was put into making this knife is really impressive. The slim profile makes it easy to carry and it is practically unnoticeable until you need to use it out in the field. It is obvious that a lot of time was spent ensuring that the packaging matches the quality of the knives themselves. From the Cypress Creek cedar box to the branded carry bag, it was clear that care was taken at every step of the way.

    Jesse D.



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